Our mission

We are EwaliBeauty, a woman-owned, Netherlands based skincare brand that believes that balance is the key to life as well as the power of nature and science – for our skin, our well-being, our health. It’s why we’re botanically-driven, combining the best of nature and science – creating small batches of skincare products from the freshest, finest of quality ingredients. Gentle yet effective.

There is beauty in simplicity. Keep it simple and keep it glowing.

Clean natural skin care

Still, we are more than a skincare brand.

You see, beyond our serums, oils and moisturizers, we educate and inspire – through being transparent about all its ingredients and what it does, because…

Skincare shouldn’t be just skin deep.

Clean skincare

From day one our ethos has revolved around skin health being far deeper than outside-facing pores. That’s why we scour the world and carefully source the finest of natural and organic ingredients.

And it should go without saying that we never .. ever .. test on animals.

Shelfie-worthy, planet-caring packaging

Given our thoughts on sustainability, it’ll come as no surprise that we are doing our bit.

Our goal is that our packaging can be reusable and recyclable to reduce single-use plastics wherever and whenever possible and last for a long time.

Here is how we are implementing this:

  • Reusable Jars and Bottles

We choose to use refillable jars and bottles (with refill pouches available for most of our skincare products).

  • Airless, Opaque Bottles and Jars

For maximum lifespan, light protection and reduced waste.

  • Glass Bottles

Wherever and whenever possible (except for products where it may be a safety concern, such as our travel-friendly and cleanser products).

EwaliBeauty skin care

This planet-loving philosophy extends to our shipping materials, too.

Product packaging
  • Packaging Box

100% recyclable and compostable. Paperboard produced from responsibly sourced, certified raw material.

We chose to have a minimalistic design without over the top to avoid unnecessary waste on packaging.

  • Shipping Box

Made from 90% recycled paper printed with water based inks and completely recyclable.

  • Tissue paper

FSC Certified. (sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably). Acid Free Paper. Soy-based Inks.

What we think about Palm Oil

We are well aware of the serious issue that palm oil brings, and we make conscious decisions in our skincare ingredients.

We try our best to keep all our products palm oil free, but if palm oil is used in any of our products, we can promise you the following:

  1. Certified Organic
  2. Certified-sustainable
  3. Currently Originates from a farm on the RSPO* member list (Round Table on Sustaninable Palm Oil) which is free of deforestation and supports local farmers' livelihoods.

Just like many things in life, the serious issue about palm oil is not simply black and white, it is far more complicated than popular belief.

And we believe balance is the key. Boycotting palm oil is not the ultimate solution, it will only shift the problem from one extreme to another extreme. (This article from WWF explains why.)

"*RSPO certified palm oil protects the environment and the local communities (smallholder farmers) who depend on it for their livelihoods, so that palm oil can continue to play a key role in food security, economic development and food supply chains." - WWF

That's why we only use RSPO certified palm oil in products, as replacing it would result in more deforestation and natural habitat conversion.

EwaliBeauty is a young brand, but we are doing the best we can for your skin and our environment.

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