The differences between Moisturizer and Serum

Serums and moisturizers help the skin in different ways. Moisturizers are fundamentally skin hydrating creams. Having noticed that creams are great and effective when used to hold the moisture, at that point, what is the significance of applying serums?

A serum works admirably of retaining moisture. Be that as it may, it has unquestionably a greater number of advantages than simply promoting moisture retention.

Serums are formulated to restore the skin at a cellular level while addressing a variety of skincare conditions at the same time.

Therefore, serums have potent ingredients which are very powerful and effective and are added to replenish, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin.

differences between Moisturizer and Serum
Moisturizer and serum 2-in-1

When it comes to anti-aging skincare, the best step you can invest in is an advanced serum and hydrating cream combo. In terms of products, serum and moisturizer are the two that form the foundation of an effective skincare regimen. Essentially, the powerfully concentrated active ingredients of a serum paired with the hydrating qualities of a moisturizer can truly reconstruct the skin.

Your one-step facial care for every day

Consider our innovative Hydro Boosting Dual Cream two-in-one formula which combines expertly a moisturizing cream with a regenerating serum. Thinner than a traditional moisturizer, this intensive treatment is designed to penetrate deeper into the skin barrier, and thusly, has the most advanced technology to permit for that.

Natural and Clean moisturizer

Due to the light-weight consistency and multi-task function, it's a great option for those who might be too busy about layering a serum underneath their makeup. It acts almost like a face primer as well.

Cruelty-free face cream

Unlike other typical moisturizers, this dual cream has an oil and water-soluble base which allows the active ingredients to penetrate the epidermis instead of lying on the surface. In this way, it can present highly-concentrated doses to your skin directly which targets specific skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, firmness, brightness, and hydration.

Yes, it boasts some serious hydrating capabilities thanks to fragmented hyaluronic acid, but the formulation also includes a unique blend of natural active ingredients, that works to tighten skin and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

Why your skin needs it?

This Hydro-Boosting Dual Cream is a complete anti-aging solution that addresses multiple signs of aging with every application. Boasting with a highly concentrated and rejuvenating botanical ingredient list the unique application includes humectants, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydro Boosting Dual Cream

Humectants such as Hyaluronic acid strengthen the skin's barrier and help construct strong cell membranes. These ingredients defend against dryness and fine lines by replenishing naturally occurring skin lipids, improving moisture retention, and protecting from the environmental stressors on skin.

Antioxidants in Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Wheat germ, Argan, Rosehip Oils, and Apple extract help shield against possible sun damage and fight the damaging free radicals responsible for much of what we perceive as skin aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients, including Zinc oxide, Arnica, and Aloe vera counteract redness and prevent inflammatory cell damage.

Hydro Boosting Dual Cream

Hydro-Boosting Dual Cream opens with subtle traces of sweet geranium rose and frankincense along with citrus notes that lead to a mild floral explosion and refreshes the senses.

Furthermore, this cruelty-free and vegan formula is gentle on both skin and earth that is made without Parabens, Formaldehydes, Formaldehyde-releasing agents, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, synthetic fragrances, and dyes.

M.Sc. in Medical Microbiology, B.Sc. in Applied Science (major in Chemistry and Botany) and more than 8 years of industrial experience. In her career, she has formulated 600+ new products, reformulated existing products and created experimental studies to resolve problems during projects.

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